recess fizz lounge


Recess is creating an experiential cocktail lounge located in the ATL airport to soothe the stress of travelling. Recess CBD sparkling waters are ready to make anxious flyers feel calm, cool, and collected. Infused with hemp extract and adaptogens flavored with all-natural ingredients, Recess is the perfect antidote to modern day air travel.





The environment is designed to look like a stylized aircraft with a calming, first-class ambience. The furniture and design elements have a modern, upscale, and relaxing style.



Archways are located near the entrance, exit, and restrooms as the wayfinding system. Signage behind the archways indicates the location.



Fizz Lounge will release a new Recess flavor, Sky, featuring white grape and dragonfruit. Upon exiting the experience, a complimentary can of Sky is given to each person to take with them on their flight.

Recess Can Mockup.jpg

lounge menu

All of the original Recess flavors and its new addition, Sky, are complimentary for the experience. The cocktails are each made with a different flavor of Recess.

Table-Tent-Mockup cropped.jpg


Plexiglass coasters featuring the fizz bubble.



The ordering system in Fizz Lounge is completely digital. Tablets are stationed at each seat for the ordering process. When the order is complete, a robotic bar cart will deliver the beverages to the customers.



Instagram stories will advertise the experience to people travelling through the airport.