A brand extension for Chase Bank

To prove setting yourself up for future success can never come too early, Chase is gamifying finances through a debit card, Scope, to teach teens wise money management habits and to reward those choices.

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Direct Mailers

Sent to current Chase members and their teens to explain what Scope is and how to sign up. Parent versions are more informational while the teen version speaks to freedoms and coolness.


Welcome package


While the app is the key feature, the welcome package includes a customized debit card, a checkbook with an explanation fold-out, and a felt card holder. This onboarding box is received in the mail after signing-up.


debit cards

Taste in this age group varies greatly from person to person and day to day, so there needs to be a range of debit card designs from more gender-specific to neutral for everyone to have options. Additionally, users may upload their own design.


Brand Book

The guidelines and foundation for Scope live here. It’s illustrative and playful while still evoking academic legitimacy.

SCOPE book Cover mockup.jpg

Teen’s app

A fresh perspective on the envelope system, mini-lessons, recaps, and achievements all live here.


Scope App Tap-through



My teammates:

Art Direction: Daniel Hunley & Kate Hillstead

Copywriting: Shelby Miller

Interactive Design: Grace Frye