A brand extension for Recology: Waste Zero

To make recycling easier and find ways to reuse unwanted items, SORT, identifies these items via a shape scanning system through a digital platform and directs users to the proper bin to discard it.




CAtegory Systems

The first system contains primary elements everyone discards. The other three systems are broken into groups of similar items. Businesses, apartments, and individuals may own more than one system to best suit their needs. Each category is represented by a different hue.

Color and Shape System-01-05.jpg

Bin Systems & Product Design

Each bin has a colored lid and shape that coordinates to its system. Each hue consists of a different value throughout the systems to make it accessible even to those with colorblindness. The bins are part of a modular system, which makes them convenient for movability and placement.


Printed Posters

Ads are placed in areas where debris is left behind or discarded of incorrectly like subways, bus shelters, and near trash bins.

Sort Promo Posters Mockup.jpg
Sort Infographic Mockup.jpg

Promotional Materials


Design Competition Assets

Here is an open invitation to Atlanta students to create objects from discarded items at the Repurpose Atl Design Expo for prizes and recognition.

Design Competition poster mockup.jpg